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This section last updated 19 September, 2009

Following discussion with other Eardleys, and in regard to the gathering of information
for a historical document for the Audley Historical Society to recall memories of the
Eardley Reunion July 2000 as noted by David Eardley's recent request on the message
board, it was decided to have an Eardley Day to assist in this endeavor. Because the
church is having an outdoor service commemorating the VE and VJ day on Sunday
the 17th of July, 2005, it was thought appropriate since several Eardleys, including this
author, would be there that day, that an Eardley Day should be identified as such and
placed in history as a yearly event to be held on the third Sunday in July every year. We
hope that if you have the time that we could spend that
Sunday together.
For information contact David Eardley, 01782 72 10 60,
or Robert Francis Eardley 01782 84 42 53,
Next Year the date will be Sunday, 12 July, 2009.
ELHS Olde Guarde Reunion July 2009 Pictures
Eardley Day Pictures July, 2009
ELHS 60th Anniversary Class Dinner and Picnic Pictures
Christmas Pictures December, 2007
Eardley Christmas Dinner Pictures 1st December, 2006
Pictures from the Day of the Eardley Christmas Dinner 1st December, 2006
Eardley Day Pictures 16th July, 2006 - Gallery 2
Eardley Day Pictures 16th July, 2006
Tapestry Pictures taken by Frank Eardley
Eardley Day Pictures 17th July, 2005 Gallery One
Eardley Day Pictures 17th July, 2005 Gallery Two
Eardley Day Pictures 17th July, 2005 Gallery Three
ELHS Yearly Class Get-together 2005 at the Elks Lodge
An Eardley father and daughter visit Saturday 6 August 2005
Columbiana, Ohio
Live Indian exhibit at the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum.

Gallery 1:  Includes pictures of Church of St. James, individuals associated with the church, and the church's graveyard.

Gallery 2:  Pictures of the Prestigious East Stained Glass Window in the Church of St. James. 
Gallery 2A:  Snaphots of window removal | Gallery 2B: Window Restoration

Gallery 3:  Heritage Link pictures.  Includes pictures from East Liverpool, Ohio, high school reunion and soccer spaghetti dinner, Stoke-on-Trent, the SOT Twinning Association dinner and the Gordon Banks soccer dinners. 

Gallery 4:  Eardley Pictures from around the world. New galleries added 9/19/09

Gallery 5: Trivia Gallery One      Trivia Gallery Two        Trivia Gallery Three

Gallery 6: The Eardley Reunion Pictures and Memorabilia. 15 July 2000.
Pictures and Information from Audley and Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Window Dedication and Blessing of the Marriage
Auction at St. James Church in Audley, England

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