Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

This page last updated 31 October, 2002

  Birth certificate: Frank Norman Eardley, 10 November 1917, Burslem, England.
  Baptism certificate performed by Henry Eardley.
   Marriage certificate: James Eardley and Mira Rock, 27 September 1875, Stafford England.
  Marriage certificate: John Brossington and Jane Eardley, 11 November 1876, Stoke-on-Trent England.
Marriage certificate: Elijah Eardley and Mabel Shaw, 22 October 1905, Stafford England.
   Marriage certificate: Frederick John Eardley and Ann Hornby, 2 May 1907, Lancaster England.
  Marriage certificate: Frank Norman Eardley and Susan Armstage, 22 September 1945, England.
   Marriage certificate: James Eardley and Edith Jeanne Schurch, 24 October 1948, Essex England.
  Naturalization certificate for Elijah Eardley.
  Naturalization certificate for Henry Eardley.
  Death certificate: Elijah Eardley, 21 June 1868, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  Death certificate: James Eardley, 20 February 1883, Stafford, England.
  Death certificate: Jane Kirkham, 4 August 1885, Burslem, Stafford, England.
  Death certificate: Daniel Eardley, 11 December 1887 (?), Stafford, England.
  Death certificate: Joseph Elijah Eardley, 28 March 1951, Askern, England