Letters from the Eardley Family
This page last updated 29 September, 2001

The letters below are not in any specific order.  

  Letter from Melvin Eardley includes family tree (Yorkshire, England)

  Letter from Ward Eardley (Michigan, USA)

  Letter from Isabel Leigh  2 letters, a family tree, and a picture of Frank Eardley (Cheshire, England)

  Letter from Elaine Clayton  2 letters (Stoke-on-Trent, England)

  Letter from Jeanette Lee  (Sleaford, England)

  Letter from Linda Hollis  (Virginia, USA)

  Letter from Lois Lamb  (Massachusetts, USA)

  Letter from Mary Howell  (California, USA)

  Letter from Sheri Slaughter  (Utah, USA)

  Letter from Kathy Richardson  (USA)

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