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Please feel free to give me a call if you have something to add to this site, or just want to say hello to a fellow Eardley.  If you would like to post any pictures or have a page on the Eardley website, please submit them by email or post.

Please Note:  When contacting, please include full name including middle name, and full address.  If submitting a change of email or address, please include your full name including middle name, and your former address.  This is very important, as almost all of the two thousand plus on the mailing list are Eardleys, and you can imagine the difficulty in distinguishing the differences without the information requested.  Thanks.

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Robert Jack Eardley, M.D.
3366 Commodore Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40502-3602
(859) 229-7714
(859) 260-1507
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