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Please let me thank everyone for the many Christmas cards that I have received not only this year, but also in the years gone by. These cards are kept as part of the genealogy trail and track of Eardley's worldwide. Its a wonderful way to keep the memories of the 2000 Eardley Get-Together at St. James Church recalling vividly that day. It is possible that the Eardley Group would like to all get together perhaps sometime in August 2013, meeting on a Sunday at St. James Church. Any suggestions or questions contact Cyril Eardley or David Eardley.

Heart The Eardley Family Group normally meets the first Wednesday of every month in Audley, England. Everyone is welcome. For any questions regarding the next Wednesday monthly meeting or the above please contact Cyril Eardley 01630 672 742 or David Eardley, 01782 721 060 or

Spinning Star  Spinning Star  Spinning Star  Spinning Star  Spinning Star ‘A WINDOW ON THE EARDLEY FAMILY’
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I am happy to report that the first print run of the above book has sold out a second print is now available. Please contact me for any requests for the second printing.

Please ensure that you include your postal address & telephone number on your email.

Best Regards,
David Eardley
01782 721 060; or  

The book ‘A Window On The Eardley Family’ written by Robert Mayer, is completed. The second printing has gone to Keele University for printing and is now available from David Eardley. The cost of the book will be £5 pounds sterling plus the cost of postage when required. If you find that something has been left out that should be inserted, please let us know for the third printing. The book is a truly historical record of our experiences and memories of events for the World-wide Eardley Family during the years 1995 to the summer of 2003. Much of the book contains the words of the many contributors who have written to Robert following our earlier requests for memories & information. Robert Mayer has brought all these contributions together to form a fascinating historical story, supplemented with many photographs and illustrations. It will make a fabulous present for your families and is sure to become a family heirloom to be handed down to future generations of Eardleys through your children. The book covers the period when Robert Jack Eardley MD sent his first letter in 1995 to many Eardley families around the world. The Millennium World-wide Eardley Family Reunion at Audley is fully covered and is followed by the stories of planning and fundraising to ensure the restoration of the magnificent East Window in the church of St James The Great in Audley, which was the actual focus of the reunion. The Re-dedication of the restored window, the ‘Stitch Day’ when so many Eardley family members played their part in history making at Audley in 2003 are fully covered, plus many other personal stories told by yourselves are to be found in ‘A WINDOW ON THE EARDLEY FAMILY. Please email David Eardley at: detailing your requirements. You will receive confirmation of your order plus finalised cost and payment details shortly. 
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Spinning StarSchizophrenia - Updated 4th July 2013

Read "The Chemical Basis of Clinical Psychiatry"
           Read "The Adrenochrome Hypothesis and Psychiatry"
A. Hoffer, M.D. Ph.D. and H. Osmond, M.D.

  Eardley Reunion picture
   Church of St. James, Audley, England.  15th July 2000
 World Wide Eardley Family Millennium Family Get-Together

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  bullet  Praise The Lord hymn sung by the Eardley Family Millennium
        Get-Together group.

starHistorical Notes by Peter Dzik - updated 29 January, 2012
        a very meaningful review of the Eardley name
        Besides the results of my own findings, this below verifies what
        you stated several years back in your letters. Harleian manuscripts.
        "The 1583 Heraldic records also note that in ancient times the
        Yardleys of Staffordshire (Audley) were called Eardley."

starRachel Nicholson's Invitational email to Washington DC

starNote Falkland Island Pictures

  bullet  Audley Historian No. 6, 2000 - The Eardley Gathering

  bullet  Eardley Family Letters : 1 - 16

  bullet  Genealogy Section:  Devoted to the Eardley family research,
        findings, and pictures of Eardleys around the world, including 
        Births, Marriages, and Death certificates.

  bullet  Eardley spelled "Ardley"

  bullet  The Prestigious East Stained Glass Window
       Church of St. James, Audley, England.  
       Note snapshots of window removal and restoration.
       Wall Plaque for the window
       Historical description of the window
       Article about how Eardleys Made Their Mark

Spinning StarThe Eardley Family Group wishes to thank
Saint James Church and Vicar Peter Davies for the generosity
of the gift given to close the Eardley Window Fund January 2004.
           Thank You Letter from the Vicar of Audley

  bullet The Eardley Family Group for the restoration
       and the dedication of the Window, Sunday, 14th July 2002.

  bullet Sir George Eardley / Yeardley /
      Flowerdew Hundred/Tapestry

       This section is devoted to the Audley, England and Jamestowne,
       Virginia connection. 1610.

  Spinning Star       Eardley's of the Millennia

Eardley's of the Millennia

  Spinning Star
Original songs written and performed by
Keith Eardley in MP3 format.

 Motor Way (128kps 3.14 MB)
 Sweet Talk (128kps 2.6 MB)

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